My Baby Sister's An Alien





Animated series

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Cameron Boyce

Nika Futterman

Candi Milo

Olivia Holt

Alyson Stoner

Tabitha St. German

Nathan Kress

Tom Kenny

David Hornsby

My Baby Sister's An Alien, also known as My Baby Sister's An Alien: A fratrem Ex externae Tractus (My Baby Sister's An Alien: A Sibling From Outer Space) in Latin America, is an American animated fanmade television series, Created by PoofFan93, along with it's sister show, "The Rudy Cootie Show!".

Series Plot/OverviewEdit

Toby is a normal, everyday average kid with a normal family and a regular life that a young boy should have. But all of this changes when he recieves a new baby sister, Whom he believes is from another planet.


The Pilot Episode first aired on September 14th, 2013, and got over 1,095 views in it's first view and 889 in it's rerun.

The Show aired 20 episodes per season, And the entire series lasted up to 5-6 Seasons.

Season 6 was canceled due to the fact that the lack of views was high, And it's Critical Review was unfair. Overall, the show was a big hit until the year of 2019.

Series Review/Critical ReactionEdit

My Baby Sister's An Alien Is a show for ages 6 and up. Critiques reviewed the show as 58% "Humorous, Child-Oriented, Lesson Learning, Great for Kids", Meaning the show was popular for young children dealing with problems with their siblings, Also inhancing the imagination of the developing mind for a child. It was also 29% "Boo, Should never have been published as a Cartoon".


Season 1Edit

  1. My Baby Sister's An Alien!