Joesph "Joey" Moore Jackson is a secondary main character of The Rudy Cootie Show!.


Joey is an athletic, puny kid that loves to excerise, And sometimes, he goes a bit overboard. Throughout the show, He is normally seen jogging in place where ever he goes, And he never appears to get tired of doing it over and over.

Short BiographyEdit

Yet to be determined.


Joey is a determined, private person that likes to keep to himself.

Random Quick Trivia: Joey is the only known boy in his school that has a diary.

Joey is usually always timid and sensitive, But he is also very friendly and preppy. Joey is always trusted due to the fact that he claims to never brake a promise. However, In the TRCS! episode, "Multi-Phrase Phase", Joey appears to brake a promise with Claire and they eventually got into a fight that lasted throughout the entire episode.


Joey has dark tan skin and a few freckles. He wears an exercising jumpsuit with red shorts and a thin T-shirt along with head and wristbands.